Justin Mauney

Senior, Industrial Engineering

As our president and our longest-running current member, “Pepper” has enjoyed every bit of his time with the Grains. He loves taking long walks on the rocky beach, and in between him creating his weekly songs contemplating life’s great mysteries, he enjoys helping the group to improve each year. He would like to thank all the support from his friends and family after all these years working with such an amazing group of guys. This group is a brotherhood to him and wouldn’t want this crazy group to be any other way.

Paul Burke
Business Manager

Senior, Chemical Engineering and Textile Engineering

In his fourth year in the group, “Tall” Paul serves as our business manager. In his free time, Paul enjoys playing basketball, binge-watching Netflix, and eating Chick-fil-A. With his grandfather writing the NC State “Red & White Song”, it’s safe to say the Wolfpack Blood runs through his veins. He has enjoyed his time with the group and is excited for his final year.

Troy Mitchell
Hype Man

Senior, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

Troy has enjoyed his time as the Coolest Grain ever since joining the group and hopes to retain that position for the upcoming years. Troy alternates between singing Bass and beatboxing for the group. Performing with the grains has become one of his favorite things to do and he can’t wait to see what they can accomplish in the future.

Oren Bailey
Co-Music Director

Senior, Science, Technology, and Society,

Oren was born by the river in a little tent, and just like the river, he’s been running ever since. Now, however, he is a proud member of the Grains of Time. When not singing with the Grains, Oren enjoys writing music and lyrics, pondering his place in the universe, creating YouTube videos, wishing that he could be former Police frontman Sting for a day, and spending time communing with nature. He looks forward to witnessing the future of the Grains of Time firsthand, as they continue to flourish and add new bricks to their storied legacy.

Alex Madill
Co-Music Director

Senior, Business Administration & Chinese

In his third year with the Grains, he wants to give a shoutout to the rest of the group for producing amazing (and award-winning) music (shameless plug). He also wants to thank Kanye West for being a musical genius. He continues to enjoy his time with each show and he loves being in the group.

Peter Sherk

Senior, Computer Science

Known to many as Peter, to few as “Schmall”, but to us as “Trixxxi” Sherk. Outside of being an avid fan of Moes, playing guitar and traveling, Peter has enjoyed his time in the Grains thus far and he’s excited to continue his journey with the guys!

Blair Lamason

Senior, Supply Chain Management

With two semesters down, Blair has enjoyed his time with the group thus far. Lucky enough to escape the hostile confines of Chapel Hill, Blair is a proud member of the Wolfpack faithful. You’ll find him tailgating on Saturdays in the Fall, and if you have to ask, he’ll probably just tell you “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Jordan Williams
Visual Director

Junior, Communications

In his third year in the group, Jordan loves all the aspects of music including the performance-side which entails teaching the guys how to move their hips. His role as choreographer was inspired by many hours of “High School Musical” and the “Cheetah Girls” dance alongs (thanks to Disney Channel) and his love for dance and song. Jordan is the self-titled “Fifth-Year Freshman” and outside of the group, he enjoys his time being Sonny Miles. Don’t get him started on his love for the late-great Prince, seriously.

Chatham Ellwanger

Junior, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Chatham’s friends include deer, nature, and all living things. His drugs of choice include quinoa, kale, and agave nectar. Oh, and he likes to sing too. Outside of running further in a day than most do in their lives, he continues to enjoy his time with the Grains and he is looking forward to his future with the group

JB Sacman

Junior, Communication

JB is extremely excited to have joined the Grains this semester and is looking forward to working with and making great memories with everyone! One day he hopes to host his own late night television show, and hopefully meet his dream woman, Cara Delevingne.

Taylor Pulliam

Sophomore, Political Science

Taylor is a Sophomore studying Political Science and Economics. Taylor has loved his experience in Grains so far and has officially taken Troy’s position as the coolest Grain ever (see Troy’s Bio). When he’s not eating or complaining, he enjoys listening to R&B music (or All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey) and binge watching Netflix.

Alec Hunter


He is not Ron, Fred or George, but he is a Grain. In his first semester in the group, he is happy to be apart of the group and looks forward to his future with the guys!

Connor McGinley

Freshman, Psychology

Connor loves being a part of a community that enjoys singing as much as he does. His favorite albums are Ziggy Stardust, the White Album, and Songs about Jane. When Connor isn’t singing he is spending time with his brothers at Phi Gamma Delta and wasting time on his phone. Connor is excited to see where the Grains of Time takes him during his time at NC State.

Tony Niverth

Freshman, Engineering (Undecided)

Tony is starting his first semester at both NC State and in the Grains of Time. He is so glad the rejection E-mail he received was indeed a mistake since he already feels so close to the group. Tony hopes by his next bio, he will at least have his major figured out and can’t wait to see what Grains has in store for him in the coming years.

Stephen Reish

Freshman, Undeclared

Stephen enjoys being a part of the Grains and in particular, the creative aspect that comes with learning and performing music. His past involvement before Grains included protesting the fast food industry (because Krusty Krab is unfair). He loves all kinds of music, except country. Country music is acceptable ONLY if it is from: Nashville, Degrees of Freedom, or Beyonce’s most recent album, Lemonade (#Texas). Stephen hopes to become a Political Science or Textiles major with a minor in German. Some of his hobbies include graphic design, programming, and trying to comprehend the force known as capitalism.