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Cole Pellatt
  Cole Pellatt

Part Baritone
Year Freshman
Major Aerospace Engineering
Hometown Saluda, NC

I enjoy soccer, swimming, snowboarding, and just hanging out with friends. Nerd Alert: I'm really into astronomy and astrophysics, everything from red dwarf stars to black holes and singularities (if they even exist). Also, I freaking love dogs.

 Favorite Artist
Mumford & Sons

 Hidden Talent
I kick butt at tubing. Not the kind where a boat pulls you across a lake. The kind where you sit on a tube as it lazily floats down a river. Super intense. Also, tree climbing, and I've recently discovered a gift for parkour.

 Why I Play Music
Music is the most effective way of relating to someone on an emotional level. When you perform and really invest yourself into what you're performing, you leave yourself vulnerable by giving anyone who is willing to pay attention a chance to look almost directly into your most inner self. You can form a kind of connection with that listener, a connection that conversation has a hard time accomplishing.

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